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Environmentally Friendly Production at Sea View

Continuing our environmentally directed  product lines for lower energy and water consumptions, we are pleased to present our new GREEN SPLIT product - “Split 3”,  compared to our previous one GREEN SPLIT product “Split 2”, it’s wider and emphasizes on the rustic effect of the natural stone.  Starting from last summer , present summer of 2016 shows again an increase of applications and supply of  rustic finishes on residence,  summer houses located on both Black Sea and Agean coasts, followed with clean contemporary floor made by honed tiles.

SPLIT FACE        Application area - outdoor/ indoor ; facade walls,  yard walls, fair places, columns,  garden's surrounding.
HONED TILES   Application area - indoor ; floors, steirs, terases.   

New product "Split Face 3"  is available in Euro Beige, Euro Cream and new Greek arrival ARTOS GREY stome.  Check GREEN SPLIT gallery...            

PHX Limestone_On_SeaRes   green-split-3 vratza_limestome_euro_clear_2 2   vratza limestone_clear_london_uk_500_1   vratza limestone_clear_london_uk_500_5   UK FLY_LDN_WEND_3

 The concepts with  Split Face 3’   been developed in addition  to well known Split Face 2' on environmentally basic again (for this rustical surface - a water and electrical power use are reduced on 40%).

Those GREEN SPLITS are continuing to support, recently established facing trends on split rustic views for exteriors of residential sites,  interior designs at hotels, spa and health centers. 
Have a look on our   SPLIT FACE on FACEBOOK

By developing this new product Phoenix Stoneworks Ltd. continues its environmental program dedicated to save water, to save power, to save nature.

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