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A regular maintenance schedule will prolong the natural beauty and appearance of the stone.

Equipment needed:

  • Untreated dust mop. Oil treated dust mops will leave a residue on the surface which can attract dust and dirt.
  • A mop handle with a plastic mop head frame
  • A couple of rayon or quality cotton mops; cotton mops vary as to their cotton oil content, which can leave a film behind.
  • Mop bucket and wringer
  • A plastic bristle hand brush
  • Clean soft cleaning towels

Stone has three basic finishes:

  • Polished: A highly reflective glassy surface.
  • Honed: A smooth surface with little or no light reflection.
  • Textured:  Natural cleft, flamed or rough surface with no light reflection. It is important to dust mop floors regularly especially polished ones to remove abrasive substances.

Damp mopping with a neutral pH-7 stone cleaner can be done to clean all three finishes. Whatever product brand that will be used follow manufactures recommendation. For honed and textured surfaces a "stone soap" can be used. Stone soaps are a combination cleaner and conditioner product generally formulated from natural vegetable oils. They leave behind a residue that acts as a soil releasing agent on textured surfaces, they can also provide added stain protect and on some stones develop an attractive patina. They can be intentionally built-up and used as a natural stone dressing by using a slow speed floor machine and a buffing pad on a honed surface or a buffing brush on a textured one to produce a attractive luster.

Periodically a thorough cleaning is advised. This will depend upon exterior environmental conditions and the interior condition the stone is subject to. If stone soap is used as a dressing it should be removed periodically.

Following these simple recommendations will preserve the appearance and natural beauty of your stone.


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