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Stain Removal

All stone is absorbent, some more so than others. This is due to the stones physical properties related to its porosity, permeability and absorption.

The staining of stone and masonry surfaces can prove be problematic for a variety of reasons.

  • Some spots that look as if they may be a stain are actually etches or a hazing or dulling of a highly polish surface. Marble, limestone and travertine are typical stones affected by these situations. These types of situations may also be acombination of a etch and a staining substance or a prolonged soiling of the etch causing it to appear as a stain.
  • The minerals in stone have a definite chemical composition, because of this in some situations certain chemical reactions can take place between a part of the chemical composition and the staining substance producing a permanent stain to occur. Some plant fertilizers can cause permanent chemical reactions to occur.
  • Some stones have moisture sensitive minerals and substances that can cause the stone to develop stains.
  • The ingredients in some stain removal compounds can cause a slight irreversible bleaching effect to dark colored marbles and limestone's.
  • Using the wrong chemical can carry the stain deeper into the stone or set the stain making it permanent.
  • Old or deep-seated stains may not be fully removed leaving a slight shadow or they may not be removed at all.
  • A hazing, dulling or etching of a polished finish may occur.
  • The longer a stain remains it migrates deeper into the fabric of the stone and becomes more permanent.

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Granite 0.2 - 0.5 Slate 0.1 - 1.7
Marble 0.2 - 0.6 Sandstone 0.2 - 9
Quartzite 0.1 - 1.4 Limestone 0.2 - 12



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