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Phoenix Stoneworks' core comperence lies in our over 50 years of management skills. Over the years, our ability to read the market trend began to grow, and strong leadership from our management has guided us through the fuctuating market and chalenging times.



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As a company which values transparent management, we seek for talended individuals with integrity. Individual's honesty is valued and encouraged.



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As a part of the community, PHOENIX STONEWORKS undertakes the social responsibility of preserving the environmemnt. We commit ourseves to preserve and to safe world we live in.

All presonnel go through Pollutioin Prevention  / Safe Water  & Energy Management Cycles (GREEN SPLIT@) and receive education on enviromentally friendly policies. These policies apply throughtout the whole management system. Under these policies, we meet international requirements, reduce envirtonmental pollution, and make quite use of recycling.  


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Achievement sustainable growth has been one of our main focuses of the company.

Active in contributing to the society, we take corporatge social responsibility very seriously by sharing with communities around us. In return PHOENIX STONEWORKS is able to achieve sustainable growth by being a proactive leader in economic, environmental and social activities.               

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The combination of unique tiles, moldings designs and outstanding application jobs are producing high class appearance at any residence home or commercial building, exterior facades, styled living rooms,  contemporary kitchen, bathroom or patios.


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