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About us

Phoenix Stoneworks is  well known and trustworthy national and international brand, started its professional life with a will to serve the natural stone industry 15 years ago. The unique craftsmanship produced at Phoenix Stoneworks keeps its origins  at 60's years of past century, wherefrom founder’s father starts an industrial and modern  installation of natural stone products.  


The company has displayed its success with over a half century heritage and experience in completing more than 120 projects in 12 countries

Phoenix Stoneworks is market guided by noble stone specialists, through its marketing know-how and deep knowledge at USA distribution, EU market place and national wide stores in Balkan countries. 


We, at Phoenix Stoneworks – keep traditional producer know-how with its quality standards.
The company is preparing its production line for ISO standardization in total quality control and working principles.


Phoenix Stone works exports 90% of its production of unique Bulgarian limestone and marble selections to many countries including USA, Caribbean Islands, UK, EU trade zone and Middle East.  
Our company is continuously developing quality, modernizing and renovating machine course.  

The products are reasonably priced at Bulgaria and international market, and delivered on time with unchanged  high quality.



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At NOVA DESIGH STUDIO – they have a design, a manufacture and installation tips of natural stone products.  

The teams of architects, project managers, knowledgeable builders and skilled craftsmen are the best in the business and we pride ourselves in joint operation for
quality ~ craftsmanship ~ services.

about Phoenix Stoneworks

about Phoenix Stoneworks

We maintain   a  fully functional ‘service platform’  at production site   and  dealers’ showrooms   and have several dozens   of products concepts on site for your homes; living rooms, patio or baths.

Give us  a call  at  +359.2.960.8184  or send us a note and let us know what we can do for you.



The combination of unique tiles, moldings designs and outstanding application jobs are producing high class appearance at any residence home or commercial building, exterior facades, styled living rooms,  contemporary kitchen, bathroom or patios.


Phoenx Stoneworks Ltd.
31A, Dragan Tzankov bulvd.
1113 Sofia, BULGARIA


tel: +359 2 960 8184
fax: +359 2 960 8180