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Euro Clear


Euro Clear is a light limestone with a crema colour background, which producing very clean and unique silk impression.
Applications - residential and commercial interior and exterior use.  This material is produced  and available in following finishes:

  • honed,
  • chiselled, 
  • tumbled (antiqued), 
  • polished, 
  • brushed,

 in a variety of sizes and thicknesses from mosaics up to cut to size slabs.  

Regular product items listed with this cream-white Bulgarian limestone are:

  • tiles  & mosaics
  • mouldings & 3D concepts
  • rustics

Euro Clear:  have a look on EURO CLEAR  limestone products
A clean and highly contemporary view with light silk crema clouding.



Honed triangle-grey triangle1 triangle-grey triangle-grey triangle-grey triangle-grey
Polish triangle-grey triangle2 triangle-grey triangle-grey triangle-grey triangle-grey
Split Face triangle-grey triangle1 triangle-grey triangle-grey    
Straight Chisel triangle-grey triangle1 triangle-grey triangle-grey triangle-grey triangle-grey
Bush Hammer triangle-grey triangle1 triangle-grey triangle-grey-border triangle-grey-border triangle-grey-border
Sand Blasted triangle-grey triangle1 triangle-grey      
Antique triangle-grey   triangle-grey      




Tiles Moldings Mosaics Rustics 3D Concepts Planks
24x24 Liner ½ 1x2 Split Face 2” Chess 3D ..X24
18x18 Liner ¾ 2x2 Split Face 4” Basket Weave ..X 18
16x24 Quarter Round 2x4 Chisel Bricks Straight Liner Stretch 16
16x16 Chair  Rail Fingers Straight Chisel Corduroys   
12x12 Chirello City Chisel Liners    
6x12 Dome  Boyana Chess Plate      
Planks Dome  Grange        
  Base Main Borders      
  Base Top Medallions      
Cut to Size Special Orders Special Orders Special Orders    


EC - Specification  
Density 2.15 - 2.23 g/cm³
Specific density 2.47 - 2.58 g/cm³
Pore volume 12.06 - 14.17%
Pore coefficient 0.141 - 0.173%
Water absorption 3.05 – 4.16%
Compressive strength in dry conditions 775.80 – 815.00 x105 Ра
Compressive strength in water saturation 662.80 – 713.00 x105 Ра
Compressive strength in frozen conditions 587.10 – 603.50 x105 Ра
Frost-resistance coefficient 0.72 - 0.81
Abrasion coefficient /De Valt/ 3,7 – 4.1 %


The combination of unique tiles, moldings designs and outstanding application jobs are producing high class appearance at any residence home or commercial building, exterior facades, styled living rooms,  contemporary kitchen, bathroom or patios.


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