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Large format tiles now active on regular run


Effective begining June'13  Phoenix Stoneworks has started its new unit for production of large format facade tiles.

By the implementation of new automated block cutter line - Phoenix Stoneworks Factory now is capable to respond  and offer  for regular supply programs/project jobs with facade and floor tiles; a big variaty of thickness and cut-to size tiles are offered to customers.

The thickness flexability of  15-20-25-30-35-40 mm  and over,   brings a great advantage for any project with big floors - indoor use, or paving and any outdoor cut-to size application and many attractive finish surfaces are available as well (bush hammer, antique, cordorroy..) and coming very soon  fine and elegant sandblast on large format tiles

Euro Clear sand blasted tiles become  guite popular ones for any contemporary facade wall.   

EB EM IT PW         BG PC       Remark
Stone u u u u u u
Finish H H H O H Honed 1
Thickness (mm) 15-60 15-60 15-60 15-60 15-60 Rem 2
Size (cm) 60 x90 60 x90 60 x90 60 x90 60x90

60 x120
60 x120
60 x120 60 x120 60 x120 Rem 3
Production R R O O R

1. FINISH - as per customer order to apply Honed/ Brushed/ Bush/ Polish/ Chisel/

2. THICKNESS - as per customer order optional 15-20-25 //  60-65-70-75-80 and over

 3. CUT TO SIZE  -  as per customer order


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The combination of unique tiles, moldings designs and outstanding application jobs are producing high class appearance at any residence home or commercial building, exterior facades, styled living rooms,  contemporary kitchen, bathroom or patios.


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