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New machines supply by EU Fund for regional development

New мachines and technologycal equipment supplied by EU Fund for regional development and  BG Operational Programme - Innovations and competitiveness 2014-2020 (BG16RFOP002-2.001  Improvement of of production capacity at SME) have been delivered , set-up and test works performed at Phoenix Stoneworks production place.

EU PHX_BG_2            CNC 3X_router_at_PHX   CNC 3X_profiling_at_PHX   CNC 3X_Engraving_at_PHX   CNC 3X_Engraving_2_at_PHX

  Combing Limestone   MDK CM_Multi_Disk_Maching_for_Combing_Works   Combing White_Marble   Lifter for_slabs_at_PHX

                                            Filter Press_System_at_PHX    Filter Press_System_2_at_PHX

The machines and equipment implemented at past months of Aug- Sep'16  will improve the company's productiveness, increase тхе capacity and add  new products series, develope further  3D conceptional tiles and decos.  The new technological machines (CNC 3x  ver.)  are up-scaling product levels to real 3D concepts.  With instalation of filter press system for sluge waters, Phoenix Stoneworks declared again its firm step-on at already establiashed environmental green path  to save water, to save power, to save nature.

The next deliveries of new machines  are planed  for  Oct-Nov'16.

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