Phoenix Stoneworks

Phoenix Stoneworks

Phoenix Stoneworks is one of dynamically moving stone companies in Bulgaria, offering a wide variety of high quality stones to the construction and residence development industries.

Nowadays Phoenix Stoneworks is leading suppler of  unique Vratza limestone - high performing natural product used for indoors and outdoors in the construction of public buildings, private development places and homes.

Phoenix Stoneworks makes natural products that bring value to life.


Phoenix Statement

Phoenix Statement

While perusing tiles at a show rooms, neutral colour and perfect style are probably more important to you than any floor covering and wall facing. Leave that to us.

We supply variety of natural stones and products. But out business is more than production of stones.

It's about adding value, and together with our customers making it available to people whenever and wherever they need it.

Because for someone, a right stone for the patio is not only floor covering. It could be missing piece of perfect style for an afternoon barbecue garden party.



The combination of unique tiles, moldings designs and outstanding application jobs are producing high class appearance at any residence home or commercial building, exterior facades, styled living rooms,  contemporary kitchen, bathroom or patios.


Phoenx Stoneworks Ltd.
31A, Dragan Tzankov bulvd.
1113 Sofia, BULGARIA


tel: +359 2 960 8184
fax: +359 2 960 8180