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Water is the major cause of stone related problems, and hard water deposits being the #1 offender in showers and on stone and tile water features-fountains, spas, swimming pools, etc.

Deposits or scale are caused by the slow separation of mineral particles from the water. The particles separate into adhesive masses which collect and pack in the form of hard or soft deposits or scale.

Hard water deposits can be very difficult to remove because the acidic chemicals that will dissolve these deposits also attack acid sensitive stones, creating further problems and if the deposits are allowed to buildup the only option is to have them removed by a professional stone care company.


The municipal water that is supplied to us is basically "electron" deficient and not in optimum equilibrium due partly to the processing it receives. Most water now needs to be treated or conditioned by the homeowner, commercial or industry users.

The Water Conditioner is as the name suggests, a "water conditioner", not a conventional water softener (salt & resin ion exchange) nor a filter. It is a device that  improves the physical condition of water by reestablishing the its electron equilibrium in a natural process that effectively simulates the scrubbing action that happens to fresh water as it runs down hill over clean rocks in mountain streams.

As each drop of water passes through the Conditioner it is agitated and scrubbed by the specially designed core, cast of precious and semi-precious metals. The turbulence of water flowing through this non-ferrous core element strips away adhesive compounds clinging to the minerals and causes the molecular structure of the water to be rearranged, while natural minerals are retained.

Because of the dipolar nature of all formed metals the Water Conditioner also provides electrons to the water in a catalytic manner to reduce its electron deficiencies.
The process of conditioning water uses three electromechanical scientific principles : expitaxial nucleation, controlled oxidation and reduction, and harmonics.


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