There are big variety of cleaners offered on market, which here we could determine as follows:

Daily Stone Cleaner
A concentrated stone cleaner. It will safely clean all stone surfaces and textures without harming the natural crystalline structure of stone. This colorless formulation is pH7 balanced, biodegradable. It has precise activity levels for cleaning all natural stone surfaces without leaving a residue. It will not dull, etch corrode, stain or scratch any stone surface.

Counter/Vanity/Table Top Stone Spray Cleaner
A ready to use stone cleaner. It is a gentle premixed formula. Just spray it on wipe it off. This is government agency  authorized and is ideal product for the kitchen to cleanup grease and as a general purpose cleaner. These products are pH7 balanced.

Bathroom Stone Disinfectant Cleaner
On the market are available also  stone disinfectants  to safely disinfect stone surfaces. Those products was developed as an effective way to disinfect and control bacteria growth in bathrooms without harming natural stone. The mineral bond of most stones cannot endure the aggressiveness of industrial and household disinfectants. Products  are  alkali and acid free.
It can be used everyday to disinfect ceramic tile and any imported and domestic natural stone surface.

Intensive Stone Cleaner
Mostly Stone Clearer  is an intensive, yet safe, non-butyl stone cleaner. It quickly penetrates heavy surface soils, soap scum, grease, soot, ink, carbon (pollution), algae, and mildew. Formulated for heavy duty cleaning and restoration of stone and daily cleaning of terrazzo, textured stone, unpolished limestone terra cotta, brick, and grout. Its biodegradable blend
can be used for interior or exterior purposes. It is ideal for stone surface stain removal.

Ceramic Tile Cleaner
A non-acidic, government agency authorized ceramic tile and grout cleaner. This concentrated pH balanced tile and grout cleaner is rinse free and will easily remove any surface soils with its penetrating action. Cerami cleaner  actually lifts dirt off the surface. It will even penetrate into grout and remove soap scum, mold, algae, grease. oil, and lime deposits. Ceramic cleaner  is Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable.


Stone Care Products



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