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DO'S (+) & DON'TS (-)

  • Block up spills immediately
  • Dust mop floors, by using a untreated dust mop.
  • Use door mats and walk-off mats whenever possible. This will help keep dirtand grit off the floor. Damp mop floors regularly, using a neutral cleaner formulated to clean stone.
  • Replace metal or plastic furniture glides with nylon glides.
  • Remove felt from bottom of nick/knacks. The dye in the felt may eventually causestaining. This can be replaced with clear plastic self-adhesive tabs to protect from scratching. 
  • Keep planter containers up off the surface of the stone. This can be achievedby using container stands that allow air circulation under the containers.
  • Showers - Use a shower squeegee after use. Treat the shower with a water & oil repellent and use a stone polish; this will increase the sheeting action (water run off).This will greatly minimize hard-water deposits from occurring. Do this quarterly or more often as need.
  • Shower glass doors - Treat using a glass sealant; these will also protect the glass from hard-water deposits.

  • Don't use vinegar or cleaners that contain acids such as tile, tub, toilet and grout cleaners.
  • Don't use powder cleansers, soft cream cleansers, mildew/mold removers, disinfectants and abrasive nylon scrub pads.
  • There is now available safe disinfectants that have been formulated that can be used around and on stone surfaces. 
  • Don't use furniture polish on stone surfaces. 
  • Use a stone polish; this will help minimize staining and etching on furniture, counters and vanities.
  • Don't use the cork and wood container protectors. These can cause severe damages on stone.



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