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The following is a general guideline for known stains. If in doubt call a profession stone care company

Organic Stains Mix hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of  ammonia. Pour on the stain and leave until the fizzing stops. Use brush to work in. Rinse with water.
If it lightens repeat. If this does not work apply the commercial poultice according to the instruction. More than one application may be necessary.
Oil - based Stains Apply poultice. Oil stains usually require a few application to to be removed.
Ink / Dye Stains For light colored marble and limestone... add about 1 inch of "DI DI Seven" with enough water to mix with poultice.  More than one application may be needed. I have had great success with this method. For dark marbles... Wipe with Acetone.
Biological Stains Spray with a solution of 3 parts bleach, 1 part water and a few drops of dish detergent. Scrub with a brush unit gone. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Metallic Stains Note: Do not use bleach!
I recommend using a product call "Iron Out" Follow the instructions and rinse thoroughly. It will also remove copper stains as well


In your Stain Removal Kit you will need some..

  • Tape (tan painters tape 2 to 3 in. wide)
  • A wooden or plastic spatul
  • Plastic (food warp, etc.)
  • Hydrogen peroxide 6 to 35%, the higher %can be bought at a beauty supply store.
  • Ammonia, bleach 
  • Acetone, lacquer thinner these are solvents that canbe bought at a hardware stone.  They are safe to useon all types of stone.
  • A nylon scrub brush and rubber gloves

Stains can be categorized as very light, light, moderate, severe, and very severe.
Moderate to very severe oil stains in granite and quartzite can prove to be stubborn to remove using a commercially premixed poultice.  If you have moderate to very severe staining of any kind or you're not quite sure what caused the stain it is recommended that before you attempt to remove the stains that you consult with a qualified stone care professional first.


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Granite 0.2 - 0.5 Slate 0.1 - 1.7
Marble 0.2 - 0.6 Sandstone 0.2 - 9
Quartzite 0.1 - 1.4 Limestone 0.2 - 12



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