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Choosing natural stone for your bathroom

By Kristina Grigorova

Ask an expert if the stone you’re interested in is the right for your needs. Your first consideration will be how it looks, of course. But while most types of stone are durable and stand up to a variety of uses, each one has its own distinct qualities. Select a finish for your stone that suits your plan to use it.

Here you can find some of our projects for bathrooms: 

This conception presents - Bulgarian Limestone:
Euro Beige and Euro Clear

Honed and Basket wave



Why Choose Limestone for your bathroom?

There are so many different materials to choose from when it comes to flooring and decorating you bathroom. The limestone tile is a natural material that is millions of years old. Popular in the medieval period for the construction of castles, forts and cathedrals (many of which stand today), limestone has been used as a reliable building material for thousands of years. 
Rugged, durable, yet with a refined beauty all of its own -natural limestone tile is gaining in popularity as flooring, and for use in exterior facades, lending an old-world appeal to residences and commercial property much in the same way as its close cousing ;travertine tile does. 
The limestone is used to produce magnificent kitchen countertops- beige and cream limestone bathroom vanities, tile floors, stairs, Limestone wall tile and even columns.


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